Stacy Cole is a Los Angeles based indie pop singer and song writer. She sings, plays guitar, and co-writes in indie pop/indie rock band, Tremolo Lights.


Stacy was born and raised in Missouri, she is not a vampire, and everyone is an enigma to her, even herself. She claims to be an alien, and who knows? She started writing music and played various instruments at a young age, including piano, flute, and guitar. She took an interest in choral arrangement and studied voice at the Ette Conservatory of Music from 2006 to 2008.

Stacy Cole wanted to see the world, and after a nomadic journey of moving around the country, she landed in San Diego, Callifornia, where she studied music production and electronic music at San Diego City College. Shortly after, she produced 3 solo albums, "Music for Shopping & Other Activities," "California," and, "Instrumentals Volume 1." 


Wanting more opportunity, Stacy moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she currently resides. She is a prolific song writer and writes in many genres including pop, rock, r&b, indie rock, electronic, psych pop, and synth pop. She is currently working in Tremolo Lights, session singing for various projects, and is working with publishers to license her songs in TV, film, and radio.